Don't tell me what you believe…

I don’t want to know what you believe.

I don’t care what your politics are

Whether you believe in God

Or if you have religion or not.

Please don’t speak of

What makes one person good and another evil

Or your judgements about

Who should love whom or

What others should or should not do.

Be done with your beliefs about money, education, class and privilege,

Philosophy, culture, work and

What’s worth saving and what’s not.

Speak to me instead about things you value.

Tell me how you have dedicated your life.

What value is so important that you would make the ultimate sacrifice?

What values receive your devotion?

What are you working toward?

Tell me those things and

I will know your God,

I will know what is holy and good about you,

And we will know each other

Maybe for the first time.

Searching versus Existing

No chakras to open, chants to hum, or endless sermons to listen to.  No mantras to repeat over and over.  No scriptures to memorize or stories to believe, defend, and pointlessly argue about.  No clothes to buy, crosses or beads to wear.  No creeds to recite or ascended masters to know personally lest we die. No Gods to offend, appease or please. No diets to follow or postures to master.  No breath to follow, thoughts to contemplate, third-eye to open or mind to empty. No past to regret or repent from–nor future in which we must place our hope for better things.  The search is over and the certainty of past beliefs has ended.  All seeking, knocking and struggling is concluded.  Now there is only witnessing the here and now of “what is” as one thing arises and another disappears.

Enlightenment isn’t so much something to be sought as discovered. It is the ability to see nature (or the universe) apart from our  beliefs, judgements and perceptions.  It is the realization that self-identification with our bodies and minds—and all that these represent–cloud a greater reality. It’s akin to missing the preciousness of an object  made of pure gold because we are caught up in our personal likes and dislikes of the object we see. But our perceptions aside, the gold remains—and that gold is you and me

WE exist and now it is time to accept ourselves as we are—creatures of shadow and light in this beautiful space of consciousness and embodiment. Our preoccupations of what is  good, bad, right, wrong, useful or not does not impact the universe in the least nor detract from the fact that we perfectly exist. Regardless of what we think, say or do—or how we are interpreting our experiences—the real universe is breathing, illuminating, creating and experiencing itself through us.

Comos upon Cosmos

The Hubble telescope has transformed the way we humans see the universe. We knew it was large and expensive but none of us perceived the vastness and enormity of it all.  We are learning that there are billions of galaxies along with billions of individual stars within these galaxies.  The matter that makes up all of this is incomprehensible. Our planet is truly an imperceptible speck in the cosmos. Hubble serves as a metaphor for more than galaxies and planets.  It serves as reminder that there is a cosmos in everything we see if we’ll stop and think about it.

There are trillions of snowflakes that combine to make a beautiful winter scene, trillions of grains of sand that form the beaches of the seashore, and billions of blades of grass that combine to make a verdant landscape. There are billions of people who create nations, cultures and traditions–and billions before them that created a rich history from which we all derived.

There is infinite variety in music, art, literature, philosophy, religion and science.  The art that lines the walls of the Louvre in Paris is but a mere representation of the greatest art that has ever been produced.  Were every single art work removed from its spaces, there are just as many that could replace them–and infinitely more that have been lost to the ravages of time.

There is infinite variety in the way we understand our relationship to the cosmos.  Uncounted philosophies and religions all point to a grand and unified cosmos that can never be fully understood or imagined. We believe that all of this came from a singular source of infinite particles–though where all it came from and how it was produced  is anyone’s guess.

Finally, there is an entire cosmos that exists in the loving relationship between two people–and just as much wonder and awe. We are a cosmos living among an infinity of cosmos about us.