If you win here, you stay here.

Winning in this 3-D world keeps us here.  The more we win, the more enmeshed we become to a perfectly rigged system designed to more tightly hold us in place. You cannot beat this system–but you can transend it.

This Game of Thrones world is commonly seen as an epic battle of good versus evil where the good people are supposed to actively work to overthrow the evil ones.  In this worldview, there are three basic classes of people.  The first seeks to rule and control by using any and all means available to obtain absolute power. The second class resists these ruthless people. They seek a more enlightened and egalitarian society by upholding societal traditions through the rule of law. The last are those who try and stay out of the fight by letting whoever is in charge at the moment have their way. I would propose a fourth class of people–those who see the truth of this world, expose its darkness to others, then learn to transcend it all through spiritual ascension.

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It's Supposed to be This Way!


Before we descended to this earth plane, we carefully selected a body for our vessel. It was specially created to meet the needs of our unique journey. It is genetically wired, DNA activated, and specially created to be the perfect size, strength, and health for our life purpose. In our daily awareness, we may be very unhappy with our body; but, in our awakened state, we understand why we are designed the way we are–complete with certain built-in diseases and tendencies. What we see in the mirror was designed to provide us with both physical challenges that are appropriate for us as well as challenges and conditions that require our humble acceptance. The creator is well able to create a perfect body–but the perfection of form is not the point or purpose of the human vessel. Our body is perfectly-imperfect. Continue reading “It's Supposed to be This Way!”

I protest!

Tomorrow our nation will inaugurate its 45th president–Donald Trump.  I’m really disappointed that our nation has given this man our highest honor.  He is the epitome of plutocracy and corptocracy–having installed multimillionaires to lead the major departments of government based less upon their legitimate qualifications than their outspoken opposition to the rule of law related to that department.  His cabinet has known racist and homophobic ties and many have faced questionable legal scandals in the businesses that they operate. Trump has not released his tax statements, nor has he clearly divested himself from his business holdings. He has placed an Oil Tycoon as Secretary of State–which signals that oil and energy are the top priorities of our nation.

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What is a Soul?

Source, or the vastness that encompasses all energetic and non-energetic things, is not static but always in process.  IT creates an infinity of energetic forms by the redistribution and redesign of its infinite self. One of the ways IT accomplishes this is through the creation of Souls. The soul is a body–a capsule if you will–that contains a special form of energy given it by Source.  It is Source energy that has been partitioned for a special purpose–to grow, expand, and provide Source with a specialized and unique way of experiencing itself.  Soul energy is the very likeness of Source, except in a diluted state, that has been partitioned for a special purpose–to grow, expand, and provide Source with a specialized and unique way of experiencing itself. As a specialized body of source energy, the soul is subtle and extremely powerful. Continue reading “What is a Soul?”

The God I Don't Know

Presented at Dayspring Church 10/23

Not too long ago I was invited to a party at a friend’s house.  It was a casual affair with people who I mostly didn’t know.  I was there because I loved Cary—and most of the people were her friends at UCO.  Before long one of the people, who learned that I was a Professor at Oklahoma Christian, began kidding with me about my church’s position on instrumental music (that’s one way to light up a party) and then he started talking about how he didn’t believe in god because he was an atheist.”  To which I said, “Tell me more about this God you don’t believe in—I’m not sure I believe in him either!”  We had a great discussion, and as it turns out, I didn’t believe in his God either!  I’ve had this conversation many times—people telling me about the God that neither of us believe in!

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Freedom and the Good Place

Presented at Dayspring Church 10/23

Have you ever noticed how people use the term, “Good Place?”  They say, “She’s not in a very good place right now.”  Or, “The last time you saw me I wasn’t in a very good place.”  Or more positively, “I’m in a pretty good place right now.  But what does that actually mean? What does it mean to be in a good place? And be careful—because how you answer this question says a lot about what you value and what and who your god really is.

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The Good Place

Presented at Dayspring Church 10/23

Let’s begin this service with a confession, shall we?  Cary and I have a new guilty pleasure—we like a new television comedy show entitled The Good Place.  Okay, another confession, I really like the show—Cary not as much—but she loves me and watches it with me because I like it so much! So far, there has only been seven episodes and I would recommend them all.  (The fact that I like it is probably a sure sign that the show will be cancelled at the end of the season!)

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Air Brushed Christ

Jesus is our savior not because he was superman but because in the midst of being human he knew how to remain connected to God.

One of the goals of a Christian is to be changed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  On my desk I have a copy of Thomas a Kempis “Imitation of Christ.” One can hardly read a page of Kempis’ meditations without falling in love with Jesus and wanting to imitate his nature. But I see a problem in all that.

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The Hard Goodbye

There is so much more to life than what we see. Even when it appears we are making a hard goodbye–nothing is really happening.

As a mystic, I walk between the nonphysical and physical worlds–constantly receiving information from both even though I don’t always understand what it may mean. So it was with the passing of my mother. One night, in a meditative state, I found myself sitting around a mountain campfire with many of my deceased family members. I noticed that my mother was sitting there as well. She told me that she had been coming to these campfires for the past month and that it would not be long before she arrived for good. Since mom was 90, this did not surprise me even though her health was good.
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