Time Stood Still

Time Stood Still

My Darling,

Friends tell me we met more than half a million minutes ago.
But I noticed, before a few seconds had hardly passed,
That time was standing still.

In its place, a merged continuum of
Tender touches, love, kindnesses and gifts of presence
All indescribably nuanced, existed.

There were beginnings an ends marked by
An endless procession of sunrises and sunsets.

It’s days of azure and crimson filled with
Winding walks, delicious dinners, long slow kisses
and careful careless caresses that stop only long enough for
us to visit our children, mothers, friends and work.

There was only myself.
A tree bending in a mighty wind.

We have the shelter of each other,
A holy temple, our haven
That shields and holds us safe.

I experienced only myself.

There is us!
A co-creation of meanings, moments and
Transformations into all things new.

My darling,

The once stopped clock may still be ticking.
But for me, time continues to stand still.
And that’s a supernatural possibility,
Available only for those who discover, that
Love is all there is.

And we have!

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