Cleaning Up

 Until we make the needed repairs, our lives will be no more presentable than before our awakening and will be little less than a phase we went through.

When I was a young man I didn’t have a lot of money for a new home. No problem, my agent found me a “fixer-upper”.  It seemed the owner was elderly and no longer able to care for the property. The home would be mine if I would waive the inspection and accept the home as it was. While I was delighted to buy the home; I also dreaded making the needed repairs–but that’s another story.  It took three years of sweat equity to bring the house to a state where it was presentable. This is similar to the awakening process.

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What is the best way to wake up?

One never travels the path alone nor discovers they have been the first to arrive at the peaks along the way.

For seekers wanting to wake up–the big question is, “How do I do that?”  For those who have awakened there is great discussion about the best way of teaching others how to reach this state. This is the subject of endless debates with people usually siding for a process that has worked for them. In the West, it seems that waking up has been billed as some sort of exotic enterprise that requires one to chant, wear funny clothes and participate in Eastern rituals.  Some believe yogis have a corner on the market while others believe you must become a whiz-bang Zen meditation expert. The truth is, awakening is a perfectly natural process and there are many ways to do it. Source doesn’t keep anybody asleep any longer than necessary.

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Go for expansion

The business of consciousness is growth and expansion–not maintaining a fixed point of view.

What if everything you thought was true wasn’t–would you want to awaken? Would you rather be asleep and comfortable in your own cozy world as you think it is or kicked to the curb when you discover the amazing disconnect between what is commonly believed is true? Awakening can be very disconcerting.  It is similar to learning that your parents aren’t your parents or that the nice woman next door is a secret terrorist! Awakening challenges almost everything about the status quo; and, because most people have so much tied up into it–only a rare person dares question it.

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It Matters Not

Whether your awakening occurred with a dove descending from heaven or nothing at all doesn’t matter. –What matters is that you are awake!

Stories of awakening are beautiful to me.  They represent the life journeys and momentous events of the searching and struggling.  I am especially fascinated to read stories of awakening where, in the midst of some serious existential crisis, a person who is seemingly trapped with nowhere to go spontaneously drops their ego-personality and finds salvation. I have enjoyed reading the stories of sages, mystics, and modern-day teachers. As much as I enjoy these stories, many of them read like television soap operas or Harlequin romance novels–full of drama and exotic events. People describe themselves descending into madness and disorientation while others report mystical events with light, energy, and heavenly beings. I have no doubt that these stories are true; but, I’m just as convinced that many people awaken gradually, peacefully and naturally over time. But whether your awakening occurred with a dove descending from heaven or nothing at all–what matters is that you are awake!

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End of the Search

No chakras to open, chants to hum, or endless sermons to listen to. No mantras to repeat over and over. No scriptures to memorize or stories to believe, defend, and pointlessly argue about. No clothes to buy, crosses or beads to wear. No creeds to recite or ascended masters to know personally lest we die. No Gods to offend, appease or please. No diets to follow or postures to master. No breath to follow, thoughts to contemplate, third-eye to open or mind to empty. No past to regret or repent from–nor future in which we must place our hope for better things. The search is over and the certainty of past beliefs has ended. All seeking, knocking and struggling is concluded. Now there is only witnessing the here and now of “what is” as one thing arises and another disappears. Continue reading “End of the Search”

Becoming Fully Human

When one is directed by Source, the sole determination of any action is whether or not one remains aligned with Source—based upon feedback the body provides.

In 1997 both Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died within a week of the other.  Both were amazing people who were mourned by millions internationally. One person represented ultimate worldly achievement while the other represented a life of amazing spiritual service.  At the time, It seemed to me that people wanted to live like Princess Diana and die like Mother Theresa!

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The Secret Knowledge of Thought

You are Source and the only thinker there is. You are it!

Several years ago I had the wonderful experience of living in Florence, Italy for the summer.  It was an absolutely glorious place to live.  My life was filled with beauty, culture and amazing food. I count it as one of the great adventures of my life. I always knew that Italians loved pasta but I didn’t know just how many ways it could be served. Sometimes it is eaten as a solitary dish with a little oil and butter–and other times it is one of many amazing ingredients for something more grandiose. Pasta is a foundational food. So it is with our thoughts. Whether a humble musing, or a complicated set of ideas that combine to form an important scientific theorem, thoughts create material awareness and conscious expression.

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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

When the time is right, the Timeless One reveals the truth about the illusion of self, matter, time and space.  In short order we learn that the self we thought was us never existed at all.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.  Lao Tzu

In the movie comedy Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman plays the role of Michael Dorsey, an out of work actor who lands a role in a television soap opera as a woman—Dorothy Michaels. The ratings of the soap opera grow in popularity and no one is ever aware that Dorothy is really a man. There are many funny scenes in this movie that culminate with Hoffman’s character finally revealing himself for the man that he is!  This movie is a wonderful allegory about life and awakening.

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What do I know for sure?

What do I know for sure? I exist, I’m here, and I get to choose what I believe about both of those.

Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true—even if hundreds, thousands, or millions believe it.  Some will argue that they have evidence for their beliefs—but a closer examination of this evidence almost always reveals an additional array of beliefs about what actually counts as evidence and how it should be interpreted.  Evidence is not foolproof; rather, it is based upon probabilities of interpretation supported by previous occurrences.   Evidence, it would seem, is at the mercy of one’s ability to interpret data.

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