Dualism is the concept that matter and consciousness are separate. As hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, so matter and consciousness combine to form existence–or life. At some point when the body dies, the conscious portion is split away while the body decomposes to a different form of matter.

Non-dualism is the notion that consciousness and matter are essentially the same stuff. As water from lakes and streams combine to form the great seas, all matter and consciousness derive from a singular source and empty once again into it. This energetic matter (God?) is formless, eternal, unitary and the ultimate reality of all material things. What we call existence is consciousness that is aware of itself. There is only consciousness manifesting itself in infinite states and varieties of matter.

One could argue that our perceptions of consciousness and matter is trivial since our understanding of it is independent of reality. What is true exists whether or not we acknowledge or understand it correctly. At another level our understanding makes all the difference. In quantum physics, the decision to measure light as a wave or particle has been shown to influence what is measured.  Thus our understanding may well bias our experiences as well.  In the end, it must be acknowledged that all human understanding is based upon a limited set of tools of measurement. Our eyes and ears only perceive a limited part of the spectrum and our scientific instruments, though powerful, have limitations as well.

Even so, nature does provide clues to draw upon. In my view, all things–material and conscious alike–can be reduced to energetic material states. We perceive some of them physically, some of them with instrumentation and others remain hidden. In nature we understand that vapor, water and ice are all manifestations of hydrogen and oxygen. These elements, in turn, are little more than arrangements of atoms and other sub-atomic particles.  And these, in turn, will eventually be divided until we arrive once more at the unitary state. So it is with all “so called” states of matter–including human beings.

As “human being matter,” we can only perceive a limited part of all things—such as light and sound. To human perceptions, the plants and animals appear, grow and die—but our perceptions are limited to our physical senses. We, like the vapor, water and ice, exist in a variety of states—all physical and with it our awareness. Were our sensory organs more precise, we should see the energetic matter of human beings repeatedly come into recognizable human states, materialize and disappear once again into another energetic form.

Regardless, we exist as a part of the great sentience.

My Dear Students


On this very sad day for our campus, I just wanted to send an email to each of my current and former students. Please forgive me if you receive several copies of this. I am using blackboard to communicate and some of you may have had several classes with me.

I just want all of you to know how much you mean to me–and how valuable each of you are. It is my joy to teach for you and my privilege to serve you. All of you are an inspiration to me in your own way.

Today we have learned that life is precious.  I know that our journey has its trials and troubles–and at times we may not have any idea of what we should do.  But as someone who has had his fair share of sadness and grief, I can tell you that things do get better.  Circumstances that may seem impossible today may well be the thing that God uses to take you to that next wonderful place. (I can tell you so many stories of how that has been true in my life.)

Please know that I want to be here for you if you are sad and discouraged.  Send me a note, or come by. And I also ask that each of you reach out to those you know and love today to let them know how much they mean to you. As important as college may be, in the end, it is our love that we freely share with others that matters.

God bless you and God bless us all,

David Lowry

Nothing Lasts but the Land

He told me that nothing lasts but the land.

“The land boy!  That abides long after you and I.”

But it doesn’t.

One day we and the land will be gone.

One day the sun will fade and die

And all the stars will go silent as well.

And it will be as though none of this ever was.

What abides after all has died

and nothing but darkness is upon the face of the deep?

Will it not be the ineffable and infinite energetic reality

that was here all along?

That silent witnessing consciousness

That will say once more,

“Let there be light!”

Don't tell me what you believe…

I don’t want to know what you believe.

I don’t care what your politics are

Whether you believe in God

Or if you have religion or not.

Please don’t speak of

What makes one person good and another evil

Or your judgements about

Who should love whom or

What others should or should not do.

Be done with your beliefs about money, education, class and privilege,

Philosophy, culture, work and

What’s worth saving and what’s not.

Speak to me instead about things you value.

Tell me how you have dedicated your life.

What value is so important that you would make the ultimate sacrifice?

What values receive your devotion?

What are you working toward?

Tell me those things and

I will know your God,

I will know what is holy and good about you,

And we will know each other

Maybe for the first time.

Searching versus Existing

No chakras to open, chants to hum, or endless sermons to listen to.  No mantras to repeat over and over.  No scriptures to memorize or stories to believe, defend, and pointlessly argue about.  No clothes to buy, crosses or beads to wear.  No creeds to recite or ascended masters to know personally lest we die. No Gods to offend, appease or please. No diets to follow or postures to master.  No breath to follow, thoughts to contemplate, third-eye to open or mind to empty. No past to regret or repent from–nor future in which we must place our hope for better things.  The search is over and the certainty of past beliefs has ended.  All seeking, knocking and struggling is concluded.  Now there is only witnessing the here and now of “what is” as one thing arises and another disappears.

Enlightenment isn’t so much something to be sought as discovered. It is the ability to see nature (or the universe) apart from our  beliefs, judgements and perceptions.  It is the realization that self-identification with our bodies and minds—and all that these represent–cloud a greater reality. It’s akin to missing the preciousness of an object  made of pure gold because we are caught up in our personal likes and dislikes of the object we see. But our perceptions aside, the gold remains—and that gold is you and me

WE exist and now it is time to accept ourselves as we are—creatures of shadow and light in this beautiful space of consciousness and embodiment. Our preoccupations of what is  good, bad, right, wrong, useful or not does not impact the universe in the least nor detract from the fact that we perfectly exist. Regardless of what we think, say or do—or how we are interpreting our experiences—the real universe is breathing, illuminating, creating and experiencing itself through us.

IT is all there is

Never there was a thought,

Only consciousness and ITs awareness.

Never there was life or death,

Only ITs eternal and timeless presence.

Never there was war, peace, famine or plenty,

IT has no want, lack or need.

Never there was reward or punishment,

IT is only experiencing itself,

Never there was a past or future,

There is only the eternal now,

Never there was individual accomplishment or effort,

IT is the source and energy of all things,

Never there was a you, me or we,

Only IT experiencing itself as a you and me,

IT is all there is,

And we are it.