When you don't know the right words to say in a crisis

Right now my organization is going through a financial crisis that is testing the mettle of every leader. The problem is a simple one really, there’s not enough money to support all the resources we have acquired over the past several years. I think we all knew this day of reckoning would probably arrive—we just hoped, that by some miracle, it never would. The people responsible for our situation have moved on. Truthfully, they probably did the best they could, given difficult circumstances, but chickens come home to roost and here we are now faced with making some difficult decisions. Continue reading “When you don't know the right words to say in a crisis”

The philosophy of “True Detective”

I think I’m hooked on a new television series. It’s HBO’s “True Detective” featuring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConahay. My son introduced it to me over the Thanksgiving holiday. In what seemed like an offhand comment my son said to me, “If you want to know my philosophy of life it’s found in this series.” Naturally, when your son offers you a window into his life—you pay attention. Continue reading “The philosophy of “True Detective””