Secret Pals

The following is a lesson presented yesterday at Dayspring Church by my good friend Robin Acker.  I wanted to save this so that I could read it often.  Thank you Robin for such a thoughtful lesson!

Secret Pals

by Robin Acker

Speaking on our topic today makes me think about when I was in school, when there were some topics that just didn’t want to sink in and stay put. For a lot of us, that was fluid & electrolytes. I’d be on a rotation, learn about it, it would seem to make sense. I’d use the knowledge, then go off on another subject and just completely forget about it. It just wouldn’t stay put. It didn’t seem intuitive. Continue reading “Secret Pals”

Meditation on Fullness and Completion

I believe that all of us desire to have feelings of emotional fullness and completion. Both are blissful states that we reach first through meditation and then through constant awareness that we are full and complete.


I describe fullness as those moments you when you understand that, “It can’t get any better than this!” It’s those moments of transcendence when your feelings of well-being greatly exceeds any rational examination of present circumstances.  It’s the moment of peace where we arrive and realize that we wouldn’t trade who we are or where we been with anyone in the whole wide world. Continue reading “Meditation on Fullness and Completion”

A Different Universe

The following was written by Dr. Henry Cloud in his book Necessary endings: the employees, businesses, and relationships that all of us have to give up in order to move forward.  (p. 50 – 51)

Many people wish for a different universe than the one we live. They want one where every day is a harvest time and there are no long laborious summer months to go through in order to get there. And when the harvest is right and they are thriving, they want no approaching winters where they see that the harvest is over and a cold death is looming.

Continue reading “A Different Universe”


Until the other day I had not heard about a principle of a life called alignment.  I think I knew about the concept, but I had never heard it discussed as a formal life principle

The greatest problems we face are caused as we resist “what is.”  Let’s say that I don’t like the amount of money I have–so I spend more by using credit cards.  Or perhaps I don’t like the fact that I tire more easily than my friends–so I continue to stay up late and overexert until I become sick. In each instance the problem is a lack of respect for alignment.  Alignment is the process of bringing our behaviors and actions into harmony with our circumstances–which in turns creates a stable path of least resistance.

Not everyone agrees with this. Our society teaches that we should change any circumstances we don’t like–and I agree with one exception.  It’s one thing to start the process of changing your circumstances–but another to make commitments and promises before the circumstances change.  It’s one thing to decide that you need to make more money and another to spend money you don’t have in anticipation that you’ll have more of it at some later date. Living in alignment does not require that we like our context or make plans for changing it; rather, it means that we work with our circumstances in a reasonable way until such time as we can create a new momentum for change.

For instance, the organization I work for has, in times past, spent more money then it brought in as revenue.  Of course this overspending caused the organization to come to a tipping point where it had to lay off people and cut vital programs and services or face certain demise. I’m certain the organization never intended to live beyond its means–it probably thought it was taking a calculated risk.  But, before long, it was living beyond its means and creating an uncertain future.

And this is the point, we suffer when our behaviors are not in alignment with reality.  Reality is a harsh mistress. It requires that we live according to its dictates–not ours–or face painful consequences.  But be of good cheer! Living in alignment is a way of saying “Yes” to the universe!  When we affirm what comes our way we live happier lives–and even happier lives as we create new circumstances.  We discover that many of the things we thought we needed aren’t really that important.  We find that we can have a wonderful life filled with many good things–even if it seems we have less than some of the people about us.  In the end, our happiness does not consist of having more things than our friends–it comes from mastering life on its terms and learning the lessons we need to from those experiences.

Present Moment Awareness

I suppose like most people I’ve heard about the concept of present-moment awareness for sometime now.  It’s almost a part of the cultural lexicon to say something like “Stay focused and remain in the present moment.” But like many simple ideas, it’s easier said than done.  I’m learning that my mind is a place I like to hang out–and that’s not necessarily a good thing.  It seems that I’m usually thinking about the past or the future, or about almost anything other than what I’m doing in the present-moment.  If you’re like me, a lot of good things can go right by you as you get caught up in thought instead of paying attention did the things around you. Continue reading “Present Moment Awareness”